You too, take advantage of the most advanced technologies
to save your data!

  The Cloud Computing, a booming revolutionary concept, recognized and evolutionary, gives you the possibility to store your data on data processing remote servers. Your costs are reduced, your data is protected, your access is facilitated!  


eFleurival and its team, in collaboration with its partner Edensi,
offer the installation and the hosting of your web applications.

Set up in order to use your company data, these hosting applications provide numerous advantages:

1 - Adaptation to the activity volume: Adjust your budgets based on your activity volume with infrastructures designed to support a higher load.
2 - Decrease of your computer cost: You stop buying servers, licenses, backup units, etc …
3 - Financial means reoriented towards your business heart, no investment: You pay only a monthly fee, calculated on a prorate basis depending on your own use.
4 - Increased performance without investment: You take advantage of the cost mutualization of the infrastructure already available.
5 - Total protection of your data: They are hosted by your partner on servers located at OVH in Strasbourg and Paris. No administration on your part, your data is saved with highly available systems.
6 - Perfect integration with your existing system: Connectors for the main standard applications in the market are available.