Mobility for more traceability at the CIB.

(Congolaise Industrielle des Bois)


To find a strong traceability system specifically meeting the CIB needs.



To improve the logistics processes and to set up a traceability system of the woods from when they leave the forest until when they are shipped to the customer.

Adopted solutions:

The selected system provides a perfect traceability to follow step by step the woods life from when they leave the forest.
It takes into account the constraints regarding the very hot and humid climate in Congo.
Highly resistant barcode labels have been implemented. They withstand above 90 degrees Celsius (log drying process) and heavy rains when they are stored in the wood park.

Identified benefits: 

Reliable and precise traceability with the reduction of the drops and losses of the barcode labels.
Guarantee of compliance with good practices of work (F.S.C. certification).
Automisation of the order preparation, essential for a company mainly working in the export business.
Implementation of rugged PDA equipped with barcode reader (rugged mobile computers Motorola MC 9090) very easily useable for a non qualified staff.