Automated management of the technical interventions on a tablet.


To better organize the compactors maintenance activity.
To automate the management of the intervention sheets and of the technical controls.


To facilitate the management of the sheets used by the technicians.
To delete the paper sheets and the re-entry by the administrative department.
To give the technician all the information he needs on the ground (technical documentation, hydraulic diagrams, maintenance plans).
To avoid the paper sheets loss.
Have a traceability demonstrating the reality of the intervention to the customer.

Adopted solutions:

A project study on the site to specify the needs and goals, and to integrate the work skills of the users.
Our Control Tab® application, used on tablet SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab equipped with protection covers.
Customized "Hyma" sheets of technical intervention and periodic visits.
The technicians fill out the pre-completed sheets, directly on tablet, in “Offline Mode” (Control Tab® does not require a constant internet connection).
The integration into the management system of the company.
Adapted ergonomics to ensure a large ease of use.
A database hosted by one of our servers (in Cloud mode computing): No need for equipment and software investment.

Identified benefits:

The technicians have all the necessary technical documentation to repair the equipment.
The intervention sheets are deleted, the technician has a check-list that he can just validate (good or defective); important time saving.
The sheets which are entered in the tablet are automatically collected in the Hyma computer system in PDF format and attached to the bills sent to the customer.
The customer receives by mail a copy of the intervention sheet. Hyma provides a real added value to its customers by simplifying the exchanges with them.
With this new mobile tool, the technicians feel valued, as well as the image of the company given to its customers.
With data collection on the ground, statistics can be done and the preventive maintenance can be optimized.