Quality control of the production.


To optimize the production traceability.
To improve the quality control.


To facilitate the defective product screening and their quarantine placement.
To provide information in real-time to the Quality Team.
To identify without mistake the products thanks to the barcodes.
To avoid the data re-entry.
Being more responsive in case of a defective product.

Adopted solutions:

A project study on the site to specify the goals, and to integrate the users’ expectations.
A customized application with market standard technologies.
Galaxy Note tablets facilitating the mobile use in the production lines.
The integration in the production management system of the company.
Adapted ergonomics to greatly facilitate its use.

Identified Benefits:

The traceability is optimized at each level of the production.
The Quality Service Team enjoys a simple and adapted tool.
They can annotate the pictures taken with the Galaxy Note.
The paper sheets are deleted.
The quarantine is immediate.