Automated management of the maintenance rounds on the tablet.


Equipment control of a hydroelectric power station.


To facilitate the maintenance rounds and the regular checking of the equipment (guard gates, turbines, alternators,...).
To delete “visit reports” paper sheets and re-entry by the maintenance service.
To give the technician all the information he needs on the ground.
To replace the constraint suitcase by a rugged tablet containing all the useful technical information.

Adopted solutions: 

A project study on the site in order to specify the needs and goals, and to integrate the business skills of the users.
Our application Techni Rondes® on rugged tablet.
Integration of the specific needs of the patrollers.
Adapted ergonomics to ensure a large ease of use. Tablets equipped with a protective cover.
The data collected on the ground is transferred into a centralized database.
This database is installed on a workstation or hosted by a distant server (in Cloud computing): no need for equipment or software investment.

Identified benefits:

The technicians have all the necessary technical documentations on the equipments they have to check.
The paper sheets are deleted, the technician has a checklist that he only needs to validate (good or defective): important time saving.
With this new tool, the duty staff becomes more mobile (no more cumbersome suitcase) and can be geo-located (as an option).
With data collection on the ground, statistics can be done and the preventive maintenance can be optimized.
Data is quite simply processed in MS Excel.
Better guarantee of compliance with good work practice (regulation regarding clearances,..) .
Valuation of the maintenance technician workstation.